The role of mast cells in wound healing.

  title={The role of mast cells in wound healing.},
  author={Emilio Trabucchi and E C Radaelli and Marina Marazzi and Diego Foschi and M. Musazzi and Andrea Veronesi and W. Montorsi},
  journal={International journal of tissue reactions},
  volume={10 6},
Mast cells are known to participate in three phases of wound healing: the inflammatory reaction, angiogenesis and extracellular-matrix reabsorption. The inflammatory reaction is mediated by released histamine and arachidonic acid metabolites. Compound 48/80 and disodium-cromoglycate are both able to increase skin breaking strength shortly after wounding. Under light and electron microscopy we found that small, granule-poor, irregular mast cells (MLMC) accumulate in the wound. This suggests that… CONTINUE READING

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