The role of language in mystifying and de-mystifying Gypsy identity

  title={The role of language in mystifying and de-mystifying Gypsy identity},
  author={Y. Matras},
Theoretical studies focused on gender discrimination against Roma women in the Czech Republic
Discrimination affects the lives of many Roma women in different areas of their lives. Issues such as unequal access to the labor market for women and men, domestic violence, stereotypical
Roma Community in the Hotel and Gastronomic Services in theCzech Republic
Romani culture does not differ from the culture of gadjo. It has its purpose, namely the maintenance of the community and family at its very core. At the same time we have to always bear in mind that
European Policies for Social Inclusion of Roma: Catch 22?
The article analyzes contemporary political discourses with regard to social inclusion of Roma on the basis of comparison with achievements and failures in the previous historical period of the
Empowering minority voices
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Locally Confined Territorial Stigmatization: The Case of “Gypsy” Stigma
Wacquant’a gore (2008) post-endustriyel donemde gelismis ulkelerin kentlerinde, etnik ya da sinifsal gruplarin mekânsal temelde ayristirilmalari ve damgalanmalarinin yeni oruntuleri ortaya cikmistir.
A scientometric study of doctoral theses on the Roma in the Iberian Peninsula during the 1977–2018 period
A growth in productivity of doctoral theses, a production characterized by directors, occasional universities, and a social network formed by the most productive directors in doctoral Theses on the Roma are highlighted.
History and Identity
  • Z. James
  • Sociology
    The Harms of Hate for Gypsies and Travellers
  • 2020
This chapter provides a historical account of Gypsies’ and Travellers’ lives in the UK in the late modern period in order to contextualise the subsequent chapters. In providing that context the
INTRODUCTION.: The Roma in Contemporary Europe: Struggling for Identity at a Time of Proliferating Identity Politics
In 1992, the non-governmental human rights organization Helsinki Watch published a report under the title ‘Struggling for Ethnic Identity: Czechoslovakia’s Endangered Gypsies’. It was the successor
A Transatlantic Perspective on Romani Thoughts, Movements, and Presence beyond Europe
This article first aims to establish a genealogy of critical stances on knowledge construction on, about, and from Romani groups in academia. It focuses on critical perspectives that have challenged
The Historical Origins of Romani
The chapter provides an up-to-date introduction to the origins of the Romani language and its genetic affiliation and relationships to other languages. It presents Romani as a case of an Indo-Aryan


Johann Rüdiger and the study of Romani in 18th century Germany
  • Zigeuner-Liste und genaue Beschreibung ... Tübingen: Balz.
  • 1787
Romani: A Linguistic Introduction
Romani dialects: a brief overview of the language planning and codification and Romani sociolinguistics.
Linguistic Survey of India
LINGUISTIC SURVEY OF INDIA. Vol. I, Part I. 14 x 101, pp. xviii + 517 + 48. Edited by Sir GEORGE GRIERSON, O.M. Calcutta. (For abbreviations see footnote.) With Part I of this volume Sir George
Zigeuner : die Geschichte eines polizeilichen Ordnungsbegriffes in Deutschland, 1700-1945