The role of interstitial sites in the Ti3d defect state in the band gap of titania.

  title={The role of interstitial sites in the Ti3d defect state in the band gap of titania.},
  author={Stefan Wendt and Phillip T. Sprunger and Estephania Lira and Georg K. H. Madsen and Zheshen Li and Jonas \O. Hansen and Jesper Matthiesen and Asger Blekinge-Rasmussen and Erik Laegsgaard and Bj\ork Hammer and Flemming Besenbacher},
  volume={320 5884},
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has a number of uses in catalysis, photochemistry, and sensing that are linked to the reducibility of the oxide. Usually, bridging oxygen (Obr) vacancies are assumed to cause the Ti3d defect state in the band gap of rutile TiO2(110). From high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy measurements, we propose that Ti interstitials in the near-surface region may be largely responsible for the defect state in the band gap. We argue that these… CONTINUE READING
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