[The role of interferons in neuroblastoma. 1: Antiproliferative effects].


Antiproliferative effects of interferon alpha, beta and gamma were investigated on several human neuroblastoma cell lines using the soft agar colony forming assay and the MTT-test. Investigations were carried out in order to prove whether there is any relationship between antiproliferative effects, inhibition of N-myc expression and the 2-5A system. Growth of neuroblastoma cells was inhibited by all three kinds of interferons in a concentration-dependent manner, however, rather high concentrations were necessary in some cell lines. Expression of N-myc oncogen was not inhibited by interferon-beta and no relationship between antiproliferative effects and the 2-5A system was observed. A vector containing a small N-myc fragment in antisense direction was constructed and transferred into the interferon insensitive human neuroblastoma cell line LS. After transformation, LS cells became sensitive to interferon beta: Proliferation as well as N-myc expression were inhibited and these processes are most probably associated with activation of the 2-5A system.

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