The role of interactions in a world implementing adaptation and mitigation solutions to climate change

  title={The role of interactions in a world implementing adaptation and mitigation solutions to climate change},
  author={Rachel Warren},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences},
  pages={217 - 241}
  • R. Warren
  • Published 13 January 2011
  • Business, Biology, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
The papers in this volume discuss projections of climate change impacts upon humans and ecosystems under a global mean temperature rise of 4°C above preindustrial levels. Like most studies, they are mainly single-sector or single-region-based assessments. Even the multi-sector or multi-region approaches generally consider impacts in sectors and regions independently, ignoring interactions. Extreme weather and adaptation processes are often poorly represented and losses of ecosystem services… Expand
Climate change impact modelling needs to include cross-sectoral interactions
Climate change impact assessments often apply models of individual sectors such as agriculture, forestry and water use without considering interactions between these sectors. This is likely to leadExpand
Multisectoral climate impact hotspots in a warming world
There is a pressing need for an increased research effort to develop a more comprehensive understanding of impacts, as well as for the development of policy measures under existing uncertainty. Expand
Linking Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: A Review with Evidence from the Land-Use Sectors
There is extensive scientific evidence that both adaptation and mitigation are essential to address the problem of climate change. However, there is still limited knowledge about the possibilitiesExpand
Economic Aspects of Climate Change
Although economists have often disagreed on economic aspects of global warming, views, such as those expressed in the Stern Review, which purports global warming as a major economic problem carryingExpand
Dynamics and Economic Aspects of Climate Change
Climate change is the alteration of climate directly or indirectly caused by human activities that modify the composition of the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases (GHG), particularly CO2, are accumulatingExpand
Multi-risk assessment in mountain regions: A review of modelling approaches for climate change adaptation.
A review of five cutting-edge modelling approaches exploring their potential applications for multi-risk assessment and climate change adaptation in mountain regions finds system dynamic and hybrid models demonstrate higher potential for further applications to represent climate change effects on multi- risk processes for an effective implementation of climate adaptation strategies. Expand
A framework for the cross-sectoral integration of multi-model impact projections: land use decisions under climate impacts uncertainties
Abstract. Climate change and its impacts already pose considerable challenges for societies that will further increase with global warming (IPCC, 2014a, b). Uncertainties of the climatic response toExpand
Low Adaptive Capacity in Africa and Climate Change Crises
The changing climate is unequivocal, and it is generally recognised as a threat to the terrestrial environment due to its cross-sectoral and irreversible impacts. Since the inception of industrialExpand
Global climate change: The quantifiable sustainability challenge
The case is laid out that mitigating the potential for catastrophic climate change will be a monumental challenge, requiring the global community to transform its energy system in an aggressive, coordinated, and timely manner. Expand
Climate Change Challenge (3C) and Social-Economic-Ecological Interface-Building: Exploring Potential Adaptation Strategies for Bio-resource Conservation and Livelihood Development
This chapter reviews current knowledge on the potential effects of climate change on food and nutrition security in India. It finds that India’s food systems are highly vulnerable to climate changeExpand


A climate-change risk analysis for world ecosystems
We quantify the risks of climate-induced changes in key ecosystem processes during the 21st century by forcing a dynamic global vegetation model with multiple scenarios from 16 climate models andExpand
Increasing impacts of climate change upon ecosystems with increasing global mean temperature rise
In a meta-analysis we integrate peer-reviewed studies that provide quantified estimates of future projected ecosystem changes related to quantified projected local or global climate changes. In anExpand
European drought regimes under mitigated and unmitigated climate change: application of the Community Integrated Assessment System (CIAS)
Climate change is expected to cause significant changes in the future distribution of precipitation, as well as in the frequency and intensity of high and low rainfall events across the world. InExpand
Estimating costs of adaptation to climate change
In 2009 the World Bank launched the Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change (EACC) study to provide up-to-date and consistent estimates of adaptation costs for developing countries. The EACC studyExpand
Adaptation to climate change in international river basins in Africa: a review / Adaptation au changement climatique dans les bassins fluviaux internationaux en Afrique: une revue
Abstract This paper reviews current knowledge of the potential impacts of climate change on water resources in Africa and the possible limits, barriers or opportunities for adaptation to climateExpand
Projecting global marine biodiversity impacts under climate change scenarios
Climate change can impact the pattern of marine biodiversity through changes in species’ distributions. However, global studies on climate change impacts on ocean biodiversity have not been performedExpand
A Decision Framework for Environmentally Induced Migration
Global environmental change, including climate change, is increasingly affecting ecosystems and the communities who rely on them. Reflecting on the manner in which the environment changes can helpExpand
Climate change, environmental degradation and migration
Climate change will have a progressively increasing impact on environmental degradation and environmentally dependent socio-economic systems with potential to cause substantial populationExpand
Nonlinear dynamics in ecosystem response to climatic change: Case studies and policy implications
Many biological, hydrological, and geological processes are interactively linked in ecosystems. These ecological phenomena normally vary within bounded ranges, but rapid, nonlinear changes toExpand
Variation in the climatic response to SRES emissions scenarios in integrated assessment models
Integrated assessment models (IAMs) have commonly been used to understand the relationship between the economy, the earth’s climate system and climate impacts. We compare the IPCC simulations of CO2Expand