The role of integrins in human embryo implantation.

  title={The role of integrins in human embryo implantation.},
  author={Philippe Merviel and J. C. Challier and L Carbillon and Jean Michel Foidart and Serge Uzan},
  journal={Fetal diagnosis and therapy},
  volume={16 6},
Integrins are adhesion molecules present in endometrial, decidual, and extravillous cytotrophoblast (EVCT) cells. They participate in cell-cell adhesion as well as in adhesion between cells and components of the extracellular matrix, and they play an important role in the endometrial phenotype change that occurs during the secretory phase, the first stage of implantation. At the beginning of pregnancy, the change in integrin expression is synchronized with the trophoblast attachment (embryo… CONTINUE READING