The role of glutathione in cancer

  title={The role of glutathione in cancer},
  author={G. K. Balendiran and R. Dabur and D. Fraser},
  journal={Cell Biochemistry and Function},
  • G. K. Balendiran, R. Dabur, D. Fraser
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell Biochemistry and Function
  • Glutathione is an abundant natural tripeptide found within almost all cells. Glutathione is highly reactive and is often found conjugated to other molecules via its sulfhydryl moiety. It instils several vital roles within a cell including antioxidation, maintenance of the redox state, modulation of the immune response and detoxification of xenobiotics. With respect to cancer, glutathione metabolism is able to play both protective and pathogenic roles. It is crucial in the removal and… CONTINUE READING
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