The role of fingerprints in the coding of tactile information probed with a biomimetic sensor.

  title={The role of fingerprints in the coding of tactile information probed with a biomimetic sensor.},
  author={Julien Scheibert and S Leurent and Alexis Prevost and Georges Debr{\'e}geas},
  volume={323 5920},
In humans, the tactile perception of fine textures (spatial scale <200 micrometers) is mediated by skin vibrations generated as the finger scans the surface. To establish the relationship between texture characteristics and subcutaneous vibrations, a biomimetic tactile sensor has been designed whose dimensions match those of the fingertip. When the sensor surface is patterned with parallel ridges mimicking the fingerprints, the spectrum of vibrations elicited by randomly textured substrates is… CONTINUE READING
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