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The role of expectations in the FRB/US macroeconomic model

  title={The role of expectations in the FRB/US macroeconomic model},
  author={Flint Brayton and Eileen Mauskopf and David L. Reifschneider and Peter A. Tinsley and John C. Williams},
  journal={Federal Reserve Bulletin},
In the past year, the staff of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System began using a new macroeconomic model of the U.S. economy referred to as the FRB/US model. This system of mathematical equations, describing interactions among economic measures such as inflation, interest rates, and gross domestic product, is one of the tools used in economic forecasting and the analysis of macroeconomic policy issues at the Board. The FRB/US model replaces the MPS model, which, with periodic… 
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