The role of endotoxins in induced ruminal acidosis in calves.

  title={The role of endotoxins in induced ruminal acidosis in calves.},
  author={Suneerat Aiumlamai and Hans Kindahl and Gabriella Fredriksson and L E Edqvist and L Kulander and Olof Eriksson},
  journal={Acta veterinaria Scandinavica},
  volume={33 2},
Experimentally induced ruminal acidosis was carried out in 4 calves to investigate the possibility of resorption of endotoxins from Gram negative bacteria originating from the gastro-intestinal tract. The ruminal acidosis was induced by overfeeding of oats and the effect was evaluated by clinical and blood biochemical changes. Blood samples were collected every 2 h for 60 h before and after experimental feeding. The animals showed signs of ruminal acidosis and also the clinical and blood… CONTINUE READING

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