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The role of empowerment in Organization Development

  title={The role of empowerment in Organization Development},
  author={Safar Gholipour Paynevandy},
Since human resources are the most valuable and most important factor of production capital and the main source of competitive advantage and creating basic functionality of any organization, one of the most effective ways to achieve a competitive advantage in the current situation is to make staff more efficient. What is important in the development of human resources is that the Improvement of human resources do not achieve only with technical training, but instead should be developed Staff… Expand
Antecedents of Teacher Empowerment
ABSTRACT : Empowerment of teachers in the school setting is a vital instrument to meet the success in the attainment of the institution’s mission and vision. Moreover, empowered teachers can doExpand
The Antecedents and Consequences of Service Recovery Performance of Frontline Employees: A Study of Vietnam Retailing Industry
Previous studies on service recovery performance have merely focused on identifying the factors which affect it from the service provider side. This study investigates the effect of customerExpand