[The role of diagnostic imaging in pediatric ophthalmology].


The paper underlines the importance of the imagistic examination in the diagnosis and the therapeutical orientation in an orbital injury in a four-year-old child. The orbital injury ends with a foreign body (fragment of a pencil) in the orbit. The situation and the orientation of the foreign body was revealed by the computer tomography and the MIMICS program. Afterwards, the MRI exam ruled out a muscular injury and permitted a correct strabological diagnose and a correct strabismus surgery.

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@article{Vlduiu2009TheRO, title={[The role of diagnostic imaging in pediatric ophthalmology].}, author={Cristina Vlăduţiu and Bianca Aurora Szabo and Simona Sevan}, journal={Oftalmologia}, year={2009}, volume={53 3}, pages={80-4} }