The role of dendritic cell C‐type lectin receptors in HIV pathogenesis

  title={The role of dendritic cell C‐type lectin receptors in HIV pathogenesis},
  author={S. Turville and J. Wilkinson and P. Cameron and Joanne Dable and A. Cunningham},
  journal={Journal of Leukocyte Biology},
  • S. Turville, J. Wilkinson, +2 authors A. Cunningham
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Leukocyte Biology
  • Dendritic cells play a major role in HIV pathogenesis. Epithelial dendritic cells appear to be one of the first cells infected after sexual transmission and transfer of the virus to CD4 lymphocytes, simultaneously activating these cells to produce high levels of HIV replication. Such transfer may occur locally in inflamed mucosa or after dendritic cells have matured and migrated to local lymph nodes. Therefore, the mechanism of binding, internalization, infection and transfer of HIV to CD4… CONTINUE READING
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