The role of cystatins in tick physiology and blood feeding.

  title={The role of cystatins in tick physiology and blood feeding.},
  author={Alexandra Schwarz and James J. Vald{\'e}s and Michail Kotsyfakis},
  journal={Ticks and tick-borne diseases},
  volume={3 3},
Ticks, as obligate hematophagous ectoparasites, impact greatly on animal and human health because they transmit various pathogens worldwide. Over the last decade, several cystatins from different hard and soft ticks were identified and biochemically analyzed for their role in the physiology and blood feeding lifestyle of ticks. All these cystatins are potent inhibitors of papain-like cysteine proteases, but not of legumain. Tick cystatins were either detected in the salivary glands and/or the… CONTINUE READING
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