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The role of connective tissue as the physical medium for the conduction of healing energy in acupuncture and rolfing

  title={The role of connective tissue as the physical medium for the conduction of healing energy in acupuncture and rolfing},
  author={David M. Larson},
  journal={American journal of acupuncture},
  • D. Larson
  • Published 1990
  • Medicine
  • American journal of acupuncture
This paper is an exploration of the new understanding of the primary role that connective tissue plays in the distribution of Qi throughout the body and the acupuncture meridians. The final discussion proposes a new understanding of the body and suggests new possibilities of diagnosis, treatment, and potential research 
Fascia and the mechanism of acupuncture.
A new bioimpedance research device (BIRD) for measuring the electrical impedance of acupuncture meridians.
An electrical bioimpedance device that uses an old and little-known impedance measuring technique to study the impedance of the meridian and nonmeridian tissue segments has demonstrated potential for use in quantifying the degree of electrical interconnection between any two surface-defined test meridian orNonmeridian segments.
The preparatory set: a novel approach to understanding stress, trauma, and the bodymind therapies
It is suggested that the PS framework will point to ways of improving the management of stress and trauma, and that it will suggest directions of research into the mechanisms of action of BTES.


Electrical Correlates of Acupuncture Points
Employing a Wheatstone bridge, skin conductance was measured over those putative acupuncture points on the large intestine and pericardium meridians lying between the metacarpophalangeal joints and the elbow to demonstrate the presence of acupuncture points at most acupuncture points.
Biologic significance of piezoelectricity
  • C. D.
  • Materials Science
    Calcified Tissue Research
  • 2005
The purpose of this editorial review is to focus attention of investigators in calcified tissue research on piezoelectric phenomena in bone and to indicate some areas of "po ten t ia l " importance in present and future research.
Applied Physiology
  • M. Karvonen
  • Medicine
    Suomen laakarilehti. Finlands lakartidning
  • 1962
The skin is subjected to the action of soap more often than to that of any other definite chemical substance, and it is rather surprising, in view of its importance in cutaneous hygiene, that no
Shifts in pelvic inclination angle and parasympathetic tone produced by Rolfing soft tissue manipulation.
The results provide theoretical support for the reported clinical uses of soft tissue pelvic manipulation for 1) certain types of low back dysfunction and 2) musculoskeletal disorders associated with autonomic stress.
What appears unique to this method, however, is its holistic concept which emphasizes the mechanisms associated with structural imbalance and their farreaching effects upon adaptability, efficiency, and behavior, and the unusual techniques employed for intervention and change.
The Human Body
There are, however, certain features of anatomy and physiology which cannot adequately be explained in print; they are best left to the tact and common sense of the parent or guardian, and their omission would certainly have increased its sphere of use.
Iron Shirt Chi Kung I
Acknowledgments Putting Iron Shirt Chi Kung into Practice 1. Iron Shirt Chi Kung and the Universal Tao 2. Preparations for Iron Shirt Chi Kung 3. Principles and Practices for Iron Shirt Structural
Back to work.
The subject of this address has been suggested by the difficulties accompanying our present change-over from war to peace, accentuated as these are by our being a debtor instead of a creditor Ration.