The role of automated urine particle flow cytometry in clinical practice.

  title={The role of automated urine particle flow cytometry in clinical practice.},
  author={Joris Richard Delanghe and Timo T Kouri and Andreas Robert Huber and Kurt Hannemann-Pohl and Walter G. Guder and Andreas Lun and Pratik Sinha and Gudrun Stamminger and Lars Beier},
  journal={Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry},
  volume={301 1-2},
Urine particle flow cytometers (UFC) have improved count precision and accuracy compared to visual microscopy and offer significant labor saving. The absence of an internationally recognized reference measurement procedure, however, is a serious drawback to their validation. Chamber counting by phase contrast microscopy of supravitally-stained uncentrifuged urine is considered the best candidate for reference. The UF-100 (Sysmex Corporation, Japan) identifies RBC, WBC, squamous epithelial cells… CONTINUE READING
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