The role of aortopexy in severe tracheomalacia.

  title={The role of aortopexy in severe tracheomalacia.},
  author={Sumit Dav{\'e} and Bruce G. Currie},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={41 3},
PURPOSE Aortopexy is the accepted operative treatment for severe and localized tracheomalacia (TM). The standard surgical approach involves a left anterior thoracotomy, often under bronchoscopic control. We report the results of aortopexy in 28 children with severe and localized TM; 12 had a left lateral muscle-sparing approach and one had a thoracoscopic aortopexy. METHODS Retrospective review of patient notes was performed to note the indications, investigation findings, and postoperative… CONTINUE READING