The role of RhoA in tissue polarity and Frizzled signalling

  title={The role of RhoA in tissue polarity and Frizzled signalling},
  author={David I. Strutt and Ursula Weber and Marek Mlodzik},
The tissue polarity genes of Drosophila are required for correct establishment of planar polarity in epidermal structures1,2, which in the eye is shown in the mirror-image symmetric arrangement of ommatidia relative to the dorsoventral midline. Mutations in the genes frizzled (fz), dishevelled (dsh) and prickle-spiny-legs (pk-sple) result in the loss of this mirror-image symmetry3–5, fz encodes a serpentine receptor-like transmembrane protein required for reception and transmission of a… CONTINUE READING
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