The role of RBC transfusion in the premature infant.

  title={The role of RBC transfusion in the premature infant.},
  author={James P. Hanna Gary Blank and T G Sheagren and J Vajaria and Henry H Mangurten and R S Benawra and Bhagaya Puppala},
  journal={American journal of diseases of children},
  volume={138 9},
Fifty-six premature infants with a mean gestational age at birth of 30 weeks were randomly assigned to a transfusion group, for whom the hemoglobin level was kept above 10.0 g/dL, and a nontransfusion group, who were transfused only for specific clinical indications. The groups were followed up longitudinally with weekly determinations of reticulocyte count, the partial pressure of oxygen at which 50% of hemoglobin is saturated, and hemoglobin F percentage, as well as weight gain, length of… CONTINUE READING