The role of DNA repair on cell killing by charged particles.

  title={The role of DNA repair on cell killing by charged particles.},
  author={Kiyomi Eguchi-Kasai and Motohiko Murakami and Hiromi Itsukaichi and Kumiko Fukutsu and Tatsuaki Kanai and Yoshiya Furusawa and Koki Sato and Hiroshi Ohara and Fumio Yatagai},
  journal={Advances in space research : the official journal of the Committee on Space Research},
  volume={18 1-2},
It can be noted that it is not simple double strand breaks (dsb) but the non-reparable breaks that are associated with high biological effectiveness in the cell killing effect for high LET radiation. Here, we have examined the effectiveness of fast neutrons and low (initial energy = 12 MeV/u) or high (135 MeV/u) energy charged particles on cell death in 19 mammalian cell lines including radiosensitive mutants. Some of the radiosensitive lines were deficient in DNA dsb repair such as LX830, M10… CONTINUE READING