The role of ABC transporters in ovarian cancer progression and chemoresistance.

  title={The role of ABC transporters in ovarian cancer progression and chemoresistance.},
  author={Miranda Ween and Marilyn Ann Armstrong and Martin K. Oehler and Carmela Ricciardelli},
  journal={Critical reviews in oncology/hematology},
  volume={96 2},
Over 80% of ovarian cancer patients develop chemoresistance which results in a lethal course of the disease. A well-established cause of chemoresistance involves the family of ATP-binding cassette transporters, or ABC transporters that transport a wide range of substrates including metabolic products, nutrients, lipids, and drugs across extra- and intra-cellular membranes. Expressions of various ABC transporters, shown to reduce the intracellular accumulation of chemotherapy drugs, are… CONTINUE READING

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