The role and regulation of tumour-associated hyaluronan.

  title={The role and regulation of tumour-associated hyaluronan.},
  author={Warren Knudson and Chitra Biswas and Xue - Qi Li Jing - Xiu Li and R E Nemec and Bryan P. Toole},
  journal={Ciba Foundation symposium},
  pages={150-9; discussion 159-69, 281-5}
Significantly increased levels of the glycosaminoglycan hyaluronan are often associated with human and animal tumours. In the rabbit V2 carcinoma elevated levels of tumour-associated hyaluronan are also closely correlated with invasiveness. We have therefore initiated studies to better define the role and regulation of hyaluronan synthesis in tumour tissues. In cell culture many tumour cell types have reduced capacities to synthesize hyaluronan even when derived from tumours enriched in… CONTINUE READING
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