The road to the Six Day War: aspects of an enumerative history of four Arab states and Israel, 1965-1967

  title={The road to the Six Day War: aspects of an enumerative history of four Arab states and Israel, 1965-1967},
  author={Robert D. Burrowes and Douglas Muzzio},
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history requires both the numerical representation of temporally ordered data and the aggregation of these data into uniform temporal units. Data of this sort are then amenable to various techniques of multiple time series analysis. The effort to model statistically or mathematically a composite event such as the Six Day War requires prior knowledge of the empirical domain in question. This study attempts to map numerically some of the salient features of the period antecedent to the Six Day… 
Nasser and the Six Day War, 5 June 1967: A Premeditated Strategy or An Inexorable Drift to War?
On the morning of 5 June 1967, the Israeli air force launched a surprise attack against the airfields of neighbours Egypt and Syria. Two hours later, the two Arab air forces lay in ruins. The attack
Leading Indicators of the June War: A Micro Analysis of the Conflict Cycle
Predictions of all sorts preceded the June War of 1967, some by the governments themselves, others by newspapermen and academics, many containing a substantial burden of error, others possessing an
Sécurité et stabilité : quelles sont les conditions qui ont poussé l’Égypte, la Syrie et Israël à entrer en guerre en 1967?
Ce memoire s’interesse aux conditions qui ont mene a la guerre de six jours de 1967 au Moyen-Orient. Tout particulierement, mon memoire investiguera les dynamiques domestiques qui influent sur la


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