The rise of social bots

  title={The rise of social bots},
  author={Emilio Ferrara and Onur Varol and Clayton A. Davis and Filippo Menczer and Alessandro Flammini},
  journal={Communications of the ACM},
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Today's social bots are sophisticated and sometimes menacing. Indeed, their presence can endanger online ecosystems as well as our society. 

A decade of social bot detection

Bots increasingly tamper with political elections and economic discussions. Tracing trends in detection strategies and key suggestions on how to win the fight.

Is that social bot behaving unethically?

A procedure for reflection and discourse on the behavior of bots in the context of law, deception, and societal norms.

The Online Trolling Ecosystem

A proposed taxonomy of trolling offers useful clarification and helps unmask and abate the risks of this reality.

Bots in Social and Interaction Networks

The rise of bots and their influence on social networks is a hot topic that has aroused the interest of many researchers. Despite the efforts to detect social bots, it is still difficult to disting...

The history of digital spam

Tracing the tangled web of unsolicited and undesired email and possible strategies for its demise.

On the Influence of Social Bots in Online Protests - Preliminary Findings of a Mexican Case Study

This study focuses on #YaMeCanse, the most active protest hashtag in the history of Twitter in Mexico, and suggests that bots played a critical role in disrupting online communication about the protest movement.

Counter-Radicalization Bot Research: Using Social Bots to Fight Violent Extremism

The speed of online recruitment for violent extremist organizations has challenged existing efforts to intervene with counter-radicalization, leading to global instability and violence. The U.S.

Bots, elections, and social media: a brief overview

The findings of bot operations in the context of the 2016 and 2018 US Presidential and Midterm elections and the 2017 French Presidential election are summarized.

Issues in Information Systems

This study developed a bot-deployment process and investigated bot deployment, detection, and prevention on two social media platforms: Twitter and Reddit, uncovering the vulnerabilities of both platforms as well as the limitations they place on social media bots.

Is this the Era of Misinformation yet: Combining Social Bots and Fake News to Deceive the Masses

Techniques that can be used to fabricate fake news are reviewed and a scenario where social bots evolve in a fully semantic Web to infest social media with automatically generated deceptive information is depicted.



The DARPA Twitter Bot Challenge

There is a need to identify and eliminate "influence bots" - realistic, automated identities that illicitly shape discussions on sites like Twitter and Facebook - before they get too influential.

BotOrNot: A System to Evaluate Social Bots

BotOrNot, a publicly-available service that leverages more than one thousand features to evaluate the extent to which a Twitter account exhibits similarity to the known characteristics of social bots, is presented.

The socialbot network: when bots socialize for fame and money

This paper adopts a traditional web-based botnet design and built a Socialbot Network (SbN): a group of adaptive socialbots that are orchestrated in a command-and-control fashion that is evaluated how vulnerable OSNs are to a large-scale infiltration by socialbots.

People Are Strange When You're a Stranger: Impact and Influence of Bots on Social Networks

Results show that a basic social probing activity can be used to acquire social relevance on the network and that the so-acquired popularity can be effectively leveraged to drive users in their social connectivity choices.

Anti-Reconnaissance Tools: Detecting Targeted Socialbots

The authors' approach hunts socialbots using a carefully chosen monitoring strategy by intelligently selecting organization member profiles and monitoring their activity, demonstrating the method's efficacy when attackers know the defense strategy being deployed.

Key Challenges in Defending Against Malicious Socialbots

It is observed that defending against such malicious bots raises a set of unique challenges that relate to web automation, online-offline identity binding and usable security.

Dissecting a Social Botnet: Growth, Content and Influence in Twitter

The growth, behavior and content of this particular botnet did not specifically align with common conceptions of botnets, and interesting aspects of the botnet that distinguish it from regular users are identified.

Design and analysis of a social botnet

Seven Months with the Devils: A Long-Term Study of Content Polluters on Twitter

This paper presents the first long-term study of social honeypots for tempting, profiling, and filtering content polluters in social media, and evaluates a wide range of features to investigate the effectiveness of automatic content polluter identification.