The rise of methamphetamine in Southeast and East Asia.

  title={The rise of methamphetamine in Southeast and East Asia.},
  author={Rebecca McKetin and Nicholas J. Kozel and Jeremy Douglas and Robert Ali and Balasingam Kasinather Vicknasingam and Johannes Lund and Jih-Heng Li},
  journal={Drug and alcohol review},
  volume={27 3},
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS Southeast and East Asia has become a global hub for methamphetamine production and trafficking over the past decade. This paper describes the rise of methamphetamine supply and to what extent use of the drug is occurring in the region. METHOD AND DESIGN The current review uses data collected through the Drug Abuse Information Network for Asia and the Pacific (DAINAP) and other available sources to analyse retrospectively methamphetamine trends within Southeast and East… CONTINUE READING