The rise and fall of whiteness studies

  title={The rise and fall of whiteness studies},
  author={Andrew Hartman},
  journal={Race \& Class},
  pages={22 - 38}
Over the last decade or so, the study of whiteness in the US has grown in both cultural and academic significance, attracting hostility from neo-conservative commentators. But there is also a critique to be had from the Left. For while the study of whiteness as a social construction - which takes its starting point from Du Bois - has demonstrated more clearly than ever how racism is at the core of US history and society, it has, for the most part, failed to take the issue of class into account… Expand
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Also, for a description of a panel on whiteness studies that included Eric Arneson, see Michael Spear, 'Scholarly controversy: whiteness and the historians' imagination
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