The rise and fall of the iron-strong nuclear transient PS16dtm

  title={The rise and fall of the iron-strong nuclear transient PS16dtm},
  author={Tanja Petrushevska and Giorgos Leloudas and Dragana Ili{\'c} and M. G. Bronikowski and Panos Charalampopoulos and Gaurava K. Jaisawal and Emmy Paraskeva and Miika Pursiainen and Nemanja Raki{\'c} and S. Schulze and Kirsty Taggart and C. K. Wedderkopp and J. P. Anderson and Thomas J. L. de Boer and T. -W. Chen and G. Damljanovic and Morgan Fraser and Hong Gao},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. Thanks to the advent of large-scale optical surveys, a diverse set of flares from the nuclear regions of galaxies has recently been discovered. These include the disruption of stars by supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies - nuclear transients known as tidal disruption events (TDEs). Active galactic nuclei (AGN) can show extreme changes in the brightness and emission line intensities, often referred to as changing-look AGN (CLAGN). Given the physical and observational… 
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    The rise and fall of the iron-strong nuclear transient PS16dtm

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