The ringed esophagus: histological features of GERD

  title={The ringed esophagus: histological features of GERD},
  author={Jacqueline Morrow and John J. Vargo and John R. Goldblum and J E Richter},
  journal={American Journal of Gastroenterology},
OBJECTIVE:The “ringed” or “corrugated” esophagus is a cause of chronic dysphagia and recurrent food impactions in young men. It was previously believed to be a congenital condition, but recent case series have documented histological esophagitis in these patients. We have treated 19 patients with a ringed esophagus and are impressed that this represents an acquired condition with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) as its etiology. Our goals are to present the largest case series to date of… CONTINUE READING