The return to Ethiopia of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

  title={The return to Ethiopia of the Twelve Tribes of Israel},
  author={Giulia Bonacci},
  journal={New West Indian Guide},
Twenty-eight years ago, F.J. van Dijk published in the New West Indian Guide what remained for a long time the only scholarly paper on the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Undoubtedly the largest Rastafari organization both in terms of membership and international expansion, the Twelve Tribes of Israel remains little known in public and academic circles. This article fills two major but closely related gaps in Van Dijk's seminal article. The first is information on the formation and history of the… 
Black Wadada: dreadlocks, barbas e anticolonialismo entre homens rastafari na Jamaica
Neste ensaio eu analiso as políticas articuladas a duas práticas corporais observadas por grande parte dos homens rastafari jamaicanos: o cultivo de dreadlocks e barbas. Começo pela história política


The Ethiopian World Federation: A Pan-African Organisation among the Rastafari in Jamaica
in introducing his book on the early history of the Rastafari movement, Robert A. Hill mentioned the "chronic historical myopia"1 induced by the i960 report on the Rastafari movement written by M. G.
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