The response on glucoregulatory hormones of in vivo whole body hyperthermia.

  title={The response on glucoregulatory hormones of in vivo whole body hyperthermia.},
  author={Michael R. Kappel and A. F. Gyhrs and Henrik Galbo and Bente Karlund Pedersen},
  journal={International journal of hyperthermia : the official journal of European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology, North American Hyperthermia Group},
  volume={13 4},
This study was designed to examine the effects of in vivo hyperthermia on the circulating concentrations of a number of glucoregulatory hormones potentially involved in immunomodulation. Eight healthy male volunteers were immersed for 2 h in a hot water bath (water temperature 39.5 degrees C) (WI) during which period their rectal temperature rose to 39.5 degrees C. In a control study the subjects were immersed in thermoneutral water (water temperature 34.5 degrees C). Blood samples were… CONTINUE READING
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