The residual ovary syndrome: a 20-year experience.

  title={The residual ovary syndrome: a 20-year experience.},
  author={Arie Dekel and Zeev Efrat and Raoul Orvieto and Tally Levy and Dror Dicker and Rivka Gal and Zion Ben-Rafael},
  journal={European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology},
  volume={68 1-2},
OBJECTIVE To address the controversy of ovarian preservation during a hysterectomy for benign indications by using our experience with residual ovary syndrome (ROS). STUDY DESIGN Over a period of 20 years, 2561 hysterectomies (during which one or both ovaries were preserved) were performed at the Golda Medical Center, Israel. A retrospective, quasi, case-control analysis was undertaken. RESULTS The incidence of ROS was 2.85%. While chronic pelvic pain was the principle indication for… CONTINUE READING


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