The research in a plantar pressure measuring system connected with EEG


The paper presents a foot pressure measuring system connected with EEG It can quantify the relationship between human gait cycle and EEG signals. Understanding the relationship will help in the prevention of potential motor dysfunction disease and the development of rehabilitation tools. The whole system is composed of three parts: EEG signal acquisition, foot landing signal acquisition and the synchronization of these two signals. EEG signal can be acquired by Neuroscan EEG system. The plantar pressure measuring system (PPMS) is designed in details. With PVDF piezoelectric film sensor insole, PPMS could measure the plantar pressure precisely, and send a TTL signal as a mark to EEG system synchronously with EEG signal when the foot contacts the ground at beginning of each gait cycle. The experiment results shows that EEG signals are in line with human gait cycle on dynamic response. From that, some potential diseases can be predict, such as dyskinesia, peripheral neuropathy, neurological disorder, musculoskeletal disease and so on. It can also be used to monitor improvements in rehabilitation.

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