The reproductive behaviour of Pogonophryne scotti confirms widespread egg-guarding parental care among Antarctic notothenioids.

  title={The reproductive behaviour of Pogonophryne scotti confirms widespread egg-guarding parental care among Antarctic notothenioids.},
  author={Christopher D. Jones and Thomas J Near},
  journal={Journal of fish biology},
  volume={80 7},
In this paper, the first documentation of egg-guarding behaviour in an artedidraconid species, Pogonophryne scotti, through in situ photographic imagery obtained during video transects is provided. The male specimen was observed closely guarding a well-defined multi-layered egg mass deposited on the sea floor at 240 m on the southern South Orkney Islands shelf in the northern Weddell Sea. Egg-guarding parental care is present in species that are distributed among all of the major lineages of… CONTINUE READING
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