The report on the standard hardware representation for ALGOL 68

  title={The report on the standard hardware representation for ALGOL 68},
  author={Wilfred J. Hansen and Hendrik Boom},
  journal={Acta Informatica},
At its September, 1973, meeting in Los Angeles, Working Group 2.1 of IFIP created a Standing Subcommittee for ALGOL 68 Support. The January, 1975, meeting of this Subcommittee in Boston discussed at length a standard hardware representation and authorized a Task Force to draft a proposal incorporating the conclusions of that meeting. An initial draft was presented to the June, 1975, meeting of the Informal Information Interchange at Oklahoma State University. Many improvements and alterations… Expand


Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL 68
The definition of a protonotion is a process of transferring a value from one mode to another and then back again, using a computer program to do exactly that. Expand
A revised ALGOL 68 hardware representation for ISO-code and EBCDIC
  • University of Illinois, Urbana, UIUCDCS-R-73-607 (November, 1973); revised as: An ALGOL 68 hardware representation for ISO-code, ASCII, and EBCDIC
  • 1974
An ISO-code representation for ALGOL 68
  • ALGOL Bulletin 31, pp. 37-60 (1970); corrected in ALGOL Bulletin 32, pp. 3 - 4
  • 1970