The renaturation of procarboxypeptidase B by urea gradient gel filtration and some properties of recombinant carboxypeptidase B.

  title={The renaturation of procarboxypeptidase B by urea gradient gel filtration and some properties of recombinant carboxypeptidase B.},
  author={Zhang Xiao-yan and Liu Su-xia and Yuan Qin-sheng},
  journal={Protein and peptide letters},
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A new pro-carboxypeptidase (pCPB) gene was cloned by RT-PCR from SD rat pancreas and its overexpression in Escherichia coli resulted in the formation of inclusion bodies (IBs). The IBs of pCPB were solubilized in 8 M urea and successively refolded by urea gradient gel filtration. Subsequently, the renatured pCPB was digested by trypsin. Recombinant active CPB was obtained by passing through DEAE-FF ion exchange and Sephadex-G100 chromatographic column. Capillary electrophoresis assay showed… Expand
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