The relocation of starch metabolism to chloroplasts: when, why and how.

  title={The relocation of starch metabolism to chloroplasts: when, why and how.},
  author={Philippe Deschamps and Ilka Haferkamp and Christophe D'Hulst and Horst Ekkehard Neuhaus and Steven G Ball},
  journal={Trends in plant science},
  volume={13 11},
Plastid endosymbiosis was accompanied by the appearance of a novel type of semi-cristalline storage polysaccharide (starch). Interestingly, starch is found in the cytoplasm of Rhodophyceae and Glaucophyta but is localized to the chloroplast stroma of Chloroplastida. The pathway is presumed to have been cytosolic in the common ancestor of the three Archaeplastida lineages. The means by which in green plants and algae an entire suite of nuclear-encoded starch-metabolism genes could have had their… CONTINUE READING

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