The relevance of large strains in functional tissue engineering of heart valves.

  title={The relevance of large strains in functional tissue engineering of heart valves.},
  author={A. Ajin Mol and Carlijn V C Bouten and Gregor Z{\"u}nd and Christina Irene G{\"u}nter and Jeroen F Visjager and Marko Ivan Turina and Frank T. P. Baaijens and Simon P Hoerstrup},
  journal={The Thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon},
  volume={51 2},
BACKGROUND Exposing the developing tissue to flow and pressure in a bioreactor has been shown to enhance tissue formation in tissue-engineered heart valves. Animal studies showed excellent functionality in these valves in the pulmonary position. However, they lack the mechanical strength for implantation in the high-pressure aortic position. Improving the in vitro conditioning protocol is an important step towards the use of these valves as aortic heart valve replacements. In this study, the… CONTINUE READING


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