The relative importance of the face and body in judgments of human physical attractiveness

  title={The relative importance of the face and body in judgments of human physical attractiveness},
  author={Thomas E. Currie and Anthony C. Little},
Pretty Face Matters: Relative Importance of the Face and Body Attractiveness in China
This study gauges the relative importance of face and body attractiveness in terms of physical attractiveness in China. In the study of attitude, 653 participants were asked to prioritize face and
Facial Features: What Women Perceive as Attractive and What Men Consider Attractive
The results show that facial fluctuating asymmetry is related both to self-perceived and male-rated attractiveness, and support the importance of employing unmodified faces to analyse the factors affecting attractiveness.
Face and Body: Independent Predictors of Women’s Attractiveness
The results suggest that perceivers attend to cues of women’s health, fertility, and personality to the extent that they are visible.
More Than Just a Pretty Face and a Hot Body: Multiple Cues in Mate-Choice
Results replicated prior research on mate preferences across the sex of the participant and mating duration but clarified the nature of preferences for physical attractiveness.
Automatic Attention towards Face or Body as a Function of Mating Motivation
  • H. Lu, Lei Chang
  • Psychology
    Evolutionary psychology : an international journal of evolutionary approaches to psychology and behavior
  • 2012
The evolutionary view that male perceptual attention has evolved to selectively capture and hold reproductive information about the opposite sex as a function of short-term versus long-term mating goals is supported.
Personality, Intelligence, and Attractiveness Judgments: The Accuracy of First Impressions
First impressions are prominent in our everyday interactions. The way that we perceive others, even if based only on physical appearance, can influence future interactions. The strength of first


Judgments of Physical Attractiveness
The relative and combined influences of faces and bodies on judgments of physical attractiveness were assessed in a factorial design crossing 3 levels (high, moderate, and low) of face and body
You're Only as Pretty as You Feel: Facial Expression as a Determinant of Physical Attractiveness
Photos of IS target persons posing happy, neutral, and sad facial expressions were rated for facial attractiveness using paired comparisons and Likert scales. Half the raters were instructed to
The Body and Face of Woman: One Ornament that Signals Quality?
Visual perception of male body attractiveness
The present study showed that the volume height index (VHI) is the most important visual cue to male body attractiveness of young Chinese viewers among the many body parameters examined in the study.
Human (Homo sapiens) facial attractiveness and sexual selection: the role of symmetry and averageness.
This is the first study to show that facial symmetry has a positive influence on facial attractiveness ratings, with the exception of the hypothesized effects of averageness of female and male faces on attractiveness ratings.
A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Role of Foot Size in Physical Attractiveness
Preliminary support is provided for the hypothesis that humans possess an evolved preference for small feet in females by examining judgments of attractiveness in nine cultures.