The relationship between teacher gender and student achievement: evidence from five Indian states

  title={The relationship between teacher gender and student achievement: evidence from five Indian states},
  author={Amita Chudgar and V. Sithartha Sankar},
  journal={Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education},
  pages={627 - 642}
  • A. Chudgar, V. Sankar
  • Published 1 October 2008
  • Education
  • Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education
Little conclusive evidence is available on the relationship between teacher gender and student achievement. However, a great emphasis has been placed on hiring more female teachers, both internationally and in India. Given this context, this paper investigates the relationship between student learning outcomes and the presence of women teachers in Indian classrooms. Our analysis shows that male and female teachers differ in terms of their classroom management practices and their belief in… 

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