The relationship between research and the nursing process in clinical practice.

  title={The relationship between research and the nursing process in clinical practice.},
  author={Geraldine Mason and Moira J. Attree},
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The nursing process was originally adopted by the North American nursing profession from the general systems theory (GST) and quickly became a symbol of contemporary nursing as well as a professionalist nurse ideology. In contrast its initial introduction in the United Kingdom (UK) was not a complete success. This could be attributed to the mode of its implementation, which utilized a power-coercive change strategy, that is, comprising of imposition from above without sufficient time for… 
Implementing the nursing process in a teaching hospital ward: an action research study
An innovative and complex action research study was carried out in a teaching hospital ward in order to implement the nursing process and to contribute to theory regarding the factors that facilitate
Localization Of The Global Nursing Process In Malaysian Context: Student Nurses Perspectives
It is indicated that providing the necessary support is principally important in enhancing the application of nursing process in Malaysian nursing context.
Application of Nursing Process and Its Affecting Factors among Nurses Working in Mekelle Zone Hospitals, Northern Ethiopia
The finding revealed that the knowledge of nurses on the nursing process is not adequate to put it in to practice and high patient nurse ratio affects its application.
Defining the paramedic process.
It is hypothesised that defined processes of care, particularly the nursing process, may have features that would readily translate to pre-hospital practice and demonstrated that the defined process of care provides nursing with more than just a structure for practice, but also has implications for education, clinical governance and professional standing.
Assessing the Barriers Nursing Process by Nurses and Nurse managers in Surgical Wards in Imam Reza Hospital, Kermanshah, 2015
Despite the nurses are faced with several obstacles to provide nursing process, nurses are expected to increase their knowledge about the concepts of the nursing process more than before, and nursing managers should remove administrative obstacles that exist in management aspects.
Nursing documentation in clinical practice : Instrument development and evaluation of a comprehensive intervention programme
It is demonstrated that training RNs to use a structured documentation system improves their record-keeping and care planning skills, however, such a system is not sufficient.
The Process of Care Delivery in Telephone Nursing Practice: A Grounded Theory Approach
This study utilized grounded theory method to identify and describe the core concepts of the TpN process, the relationships among these concepts, and the factors influencing the process.
Nursing process model application in Malaysian nursing education / Lynn Lynn Thet
The findings of quantitative inquiry show that the student nurses’ gender and different study modes were not significant predictors on their practice of NPM, whereas the external supporting factors are needed to improve in terms of management support, adequate resources, to create balance nurse patient ratio.


The nursing process: from development to implementation*
The study shows that the nursing process is not fully implemented either in the US or in the UK, but it does represent an important step forward in nursing in that it has made real analytical gains.
An analysis of the changes involved in the introduction of the nursing process and primary nursing using a theoretical framework of loss and attachment
A theoretical framework of loss and attachment (Marris, 1985) is used to analyse innovations of primary nursing and data from studies of the nursing process are used to argue that changes in working practices may result in a period of Loss and mourning.
Occupational ideology and clinical decision-making in British nursing.
  • B. Rhodes
  • Medicine
    International journal of nursing studies
  • 1985
Nursing research: on what basis?
The historical development of nursing science reveals problems and conflicts which are derived from the tradition of empirical science of the last few decades.
The written nursing process: is it still useful to nursing education?
The usefulness of the nursing process is examined from three perspectives: as a problem-solving tool, as a means of fostering the art and creativity of nursing, and as a method of individualizing patient care.
Quality assurance: is it professional insurance?
Although QA is projected as being in the service of clients, its major impetus is concerned with professional self-defence, as regards other professions, the state and litigious clients.
The impact of nursing theory on the clinical decision making process.
  • P. Field
  • Medicine
    Journal of advanced nursing
  • 1987
Benner's work, describing the development of the nurse from novice to expert, is used to demonstrate strategies that can be used to enhance the decision making process, and the role of the nursing process and models in decision making is explicated.
The nursing process: the effect on patients' satisfaction with nursing care.
Patients in the nursing process group did not feel nurses were significantly more therapeutic nor were they more satisfied with their care, compared with traditional care.
A systems approach to the nursing process
This paper makes the point that for psychiatric patients the nursing process based on a systems approach may be more useful than that based on problem-solving or activities of daily living. Some of
Nursing Care: The Challenge to Change
Caring - a dying art?, Gosia Brykczynska values and philosophy of nursing - the dynamic of change, Eileen Inglesby Parson's revisited - a reappraisal of the community nurse role, Rosalind Rundle