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The relationship between human mobility and viral transmissibility during the COVID-19 epidemics in Italy

  title={The relationship between human mobility and viral transmissibility during the COVID-19 epidemics in Italy},
  author={Paolo Cintia and D. Fadda and F. Giannotti and L. Pappalardo and Giulio Rossetti and D. Pedreschi and S. Rinzivillo and P. Bonato and Francesco Fabbri and Francesco Penone and Marcello Savarese and D. Checchi and F. Chiaromonte and P. Vineis and G. Guzzetta and F. Riccardo and V. Marziano and P. Poletti and F. Trentini and A. Bella and X. Andrianou and M. Manso and M. Fabiani and S. Bellino and S. Boros and A. M. Urdiales and M. F. Vescio and S. Brusaferro and G. Rezza and P. Pezzotti and M. Ajelli and S. Merler},
We describe in this report our studies to understand the relationship between human mobility and the spreading of COVID-19, as an aid to manage the restart of the social and economic activities after the lockdown and monitor the epidemics in the coming weeks and months. We compare the evolution (from January to May 2020) of the daily mobility flows in Italy, measured by means of nation-wide mobile phone data, and the evolution of transmissibility, measured by the net reproduction number, i.e… Expand
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