The relationship between Instagram use and indicators of mental health: A systematic review

  title={The relationship between Instagram use and indicators of mental health: A systematic review},
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University students’ views on the impact of Instagram on mental wellbeing: a qualitative study

Background In the UK, undergraduate students are considered highly susceptible to mental ill-health, with current figures indicating a 94% increase in the demand for university counselling services

Life Satisfaction and Instagram Addiction among University Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Bidirectional Mediating Role of Loneliness

Loneliness seems to play a crucial role in the mechanism of social media addiction, so increasing loneliness should be a priority among emerging adults and the target group for intervention and prevention programs at campuses should include lonely and dissatisfied with life university students of the female gender.

Understanding Motives, Usage Patterns and Effects of Instagram Use in Youths: A Qualitative Study

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the motives and patterns of Instagram use among a sample of Belgian and Peruvian youths. 19 participants aged 18–28 underwent in-depth interviews to

Compulsive Instagram use: Roles of stickiness, gratifications, and mindfulness

  • Yu-Hsun Lin
  • Psychology
    Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace
  • 2022
Accumulated reports have revealed the dark side of Social Networking Site (SNS) usages: compulsive use. How compulsive SNS use develops should receive more concern, so as to find a way to decrease

Social media and self-esteem.

“Why don’t I look like her?” How adolescent girls view social media and its connection to body image

Background Adolescent girls appear more vulnerable to experiencing mental health difficulties from social media use than boys. The presence of sexualized images online is thought to contribute,

Information Loss in Euclidean Preference Models

It is shown that there are realistic situations in which almost all preference profiles cannot be represented with the Euclidean model, and a theoretical lower bound on the information lost when approximating non-representable preferences with the Pythagorean model is derived.



Psychopathological Consequences Related to Problematic Instagram Use Among Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Body Image Dissatisfaction and Moderating Role of Gender

In a minority of cases, problematic use of technology can negatively impact on adolescents and impair some aspects of their social, emotional, and psychological development. The purpose of the

What does media use reveal about personality and mental health? An exploratory investigation among German students

Results indicate a positive association between general Internet use, general use of social platforms and Facebook use, and self-esteem, extraversion, narcissism, life satisfaction, social support and resilience, and mental health variables among German students.

Instagram: Friend or foe? The application’s association with psychological well-being

Overall, these results show that Instagram is associated with psychological well-being, however, when Instagram users experience Instagram anxiety or engage in social comparison, it isassociated with poorer psychological outcomes.

The use of social media by Australian preadolescents and its links with mental health.

Preadolescents could be encouraged to reduce their opportunities to make appearance comparisons and to invest less in their appearance on social media, as appearance comparisons uniquely predicted all aspects of mental health.

From Instagram overuse to instastress and emotional fatigue: the mediation of addiction

Purpose Today’s society interest in mobile photography drives consumers’ and brands’ growing usage of Instagram. This paper aims to address the consequences of excessive use of Instagram on the

Instagram use is linked to increased symptoms of orthorexia nervosa

  • P. TurnerC. Lefevre
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Eating and Weight Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity
  • 2017
The results suggest that the healthy eating community on Instagram has a high prevalence of orthorexia symptoms, with higher Instagram use being linked to increased symptoms.