The relation between sun protection factor and amount of suncreen applied in vivo

  title={The relation between sun protection factor and amount of suncreen applied in vivo},
  author={A. Faurschou and H. C. Wulf},
  journal={British Journal of Dermatology},
  • A. Faurschou, H. C. Wulf
  • Published 2007
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • British Journal of Dermatology
  • Background  The declared sun protection factor (SPF) is based on the use of a sunscreen layer of 2 mg cm−2. However, only around a quarter (0·5 mg cm−2) of this amount is applied by sunbathers. Theoretical calculations have suggested that the effective SPF is related to sunscreen quantity in an exponential way but this was not confirmed in vitro and has not been studied in vivo. 
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