The regulation of testicular descent and the effects of cryptorchidism.

  title={The regulation of testicular descent and the effects of cryptorchidism.},
  author={John M Hutson and Bridget R. Southwell and Ruili Li and Gabrielle Lie and K. N. S. B. K. Ismail and George N Harisis and Nan Chen},
  journal={Endocrine reviews},
  volume={34 5},
The first half of this review examines the boundary between endocrinology and embryonic development, with the aim of highlighting the way hormones and signaling systems regulate the complex morphological changes to enable the intra-abdominal fetal testes to reach the scrotum. The genitoinguinal ligament, or gubernaculum, first enlarges to hold the testis near the groin, and then it develops limb-bud-like properties and migrates across the pubic region to reach the scrotum. Recent advances show… CONTINUE READING