The regulation of MAPKs in Y1 mouse adrenocortical tumor cells.

  title={The regulation of MAPKs in Y1 mouse adrenocortical tumor cells.},
  author={Thy Le and Bernard P. Schimmer},
  volume={142 10},
The regulation of the MAPKs, Erk(1) and Erk(2), and the MAPK kinase, Mek, were examined in the Y1 mouse adrenocortical tumor cell line and in the protein kinase A-defective mutant, Kin-8. ACTH and basic fibroblast growth factor each increased Mek phosphorylation and stimulated Mek activity in both cell lines and also activated the Erks at concentrations that paralleled their effects on Mek. The specific Mek inhibitor, PD98059, blocked the activation of the Erks by ACTH and basic fibroblast… CONTINUE READING
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