The regular 4-dimensional 57-cell

  title={The regular 4-dimensional 57-cell},
  author={C. S{\'e}quin and James F. Hamlin},
  booktitle={SIGGRAPH '07},
Both the 11-Cell and the 57-Cell are abstract 4-D polychora (multi-cells) bounded by all identical 3-D “surface” cells. Most people in the computer-graphics community are familiar with the 5 completely regular 3-D polyhedra: the Platonic solids. It is also fairly well known that by using these solids as boundary elements, one can construct 6 different, completely regular polychora in 4-D space (the hypercube, and the 5-, 16-, 24-, 120-, and 600-Cell). Most of these objects have been known for… Expand
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