The reflection of the quality of life of people with Crohn's disease in nursing.


OBJECTIVES To determine the quality of life of patients with Crohn's disease and to determine if this is reflected by the quality of nursing care. METHODS For the purpose of this research, we used a generic standardized questionnaire of the quality of life, published by the World Health Organization (WHOQOL-100). The questionnaire was distributed among 100 patients with Crohn's disease and among 1456 and members of healthy population. To analyze the results, we used the SPSS program and appropriate statistical methods. RESULTS The comparison of the domain scores of population standards in the Czech Republic and the respondents with Crohn's disease revealed a difference in the domain "physical condition", where the mean value was at the limit of the lower interval of the standard, and in the domain of "independence". CONCLUSION The results given in this study define the possibilities of nurses and their functioning associated with altered quality of life. An evaluation of the most affected areas allows nurses to determine an appropriate intervention. Providing nursing care, in accordance with the latest knowledge, must be based on the quality of life. This newly incorporated area offers healthcare professionals a new dimension for assessing and determining subsequent interventions.

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