The refined structure of bacteriophage MS2 at 2.8 A resolution.

  title={The refined structure of bacteriophage MS2 at 2.8 A resolution.},
  author={R Golmohammadi and Karin Valeg{\aa}rd and Kerstin Fridborg and Lars Liljas},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={234 3},
Bacteriophage MS2 is an icosahedral virus with 180 copies of a coat protein forming a shell around a single-stranded RNA molecule. The coat protein subunits form a lattice with the triangulation number T = 3. The coat protein has a fold which is different from the fold of all other viral coat proteins so far known. It consists of a five-stranded beta sheet facing the inside of the particle, and a hairpin and two helices on the outside. The crystal structure has been refined at 2.8 A resolution… CONTINUE READING