The redundant target effect is affected by modality switch costs.

  title={The redundant target effect is affected by modality switch costs.},
  author={Matthias Gondan and Kathrin Maria Lange and Frank R{\"o}sler and Brigitte R{\"o}der},
  journal={Psychonomic bulletin & review},
  volume={11 2},
When participants have to respond to stimuli of two modalities, faster reaction times are observed for simultaneous, bimodal events than for unimodal events (the redundant target effect [RTE]). This finding has been interpreted as reflecting processing gains for bimodal relative to unimodal stimuli, possibly due to multisensory interactions. In random stimulus sequences, reaction times are slower when the stimulus is preceded by a stimulus of a different modality (modality switch effect [MSE… CONTINUE READING

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