The redox switch/redox coupling hypothesis.

  title={The redox switch/redox coupling hypothesis.},
  author={Sebasti{\'a}n Cerd{\'a}n and Tiago B Rodrigues and Alejandra Sierra and Marina {\'A}lvarez Benito and Lu{\'i}s L. Fonseca and Carla Polo Fonseca and Mar{\'i}a L. Garcia-Martin},
  journal={Neurochemistry international},
  volume={48 6-7},
We provide an integrative interpretation of neuroglial metabolic coupling including the presence of subcellular compartmentation of pyruvate and monocarboxylate recycling through the plasma membrane of both neurons and glial cells. The subcellular compartmentation of pyruvate allows neurons and astrocytes to select between glucose and lactate as alternative substrates, depending on their relative extracellular concentration and the operation of a redox switch. This mechanism is based on the… CONTINUE READING
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